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Stretch ceiling as a symbol of change!

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That new technologies are changing in our life? Why is a stretch ceiling today so in demand? What goals are achieved due to the use of a stretch ceiling?

Surprisingly, new technologies change not only the appearance of our dwellings, but also our psychology. Well, imagine what options were earlier, when the owner of the house, lying on the couch, constantly clung to the ceiling that was not very pleasing to the eye that was not very pleasing to the eye, and there was no possibility of repairing it? It’s only hard to sigh. And wait for the best times.

And now there is a solution to the problem – a stretch ceiling! Yes, this is quite complicated, from a technical point of view, really, but quite real, in the presence of certain means. Sorry, a stretch ceiling in Ivanovo, despite the demographic cut of this city, and that is a fairly popular part of the design. That is, even those who do not attribute themselves to the number of very wealthy citizens can afford such a design solution.

As practice shows, stretch ceilings are installed in two cases – when you need to close the poor main ceiling and when the same main ceiling is too high and I want to make a little room below. Those who have ceilings and so low can consider this reason simply mocking, but each has their own problems. Also, many go to such a design solution because it makes it possible to create a completely different drawing of the lighting of the room. For example, there used to be one chandelier, and when using the technology of a stretch ceiling, it became possible to illuminate the room with a large number of small sources of light, which creates more even lighting.

In general, the stretch ceiling really changes the room radically. Therefore, you need to think very well before going to such a step.

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