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When you need to warm the floors in the bathroom before or after laying the tile

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Everyone knows that breaking is not worth it. Therefore, repair work has always been a responsible business. First you need to carry out preparatory work – remove the old tile from the walls and floors, take out the entire plumbing and start the preparation of the walls. For example, in apartments where standard showers are installed, it is initially necessary to put parquet or tiles, and then start installing a shower. But, many do the opposite in order to save materials. Do not forget about the floor level, because having removed the old coating, the floor will immediately become lower. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase new building materials by new standards. For example, tiles on the wall may be required more or vice versa less.

It is worth noting that all preparatory work should be carried out efficiently and slowly. Because it is the preparation that directly depends on the quality of the completed repairs. The walls for the tile should be perfectly even, because when laying all the irregularities will be visible. To align the walls, you can use drywall, which is not afraid of moisture. Many experts are used to trusting ordinary solution with certain proportions of building materials. Only in such a mass it is necessary to add glue for tiles, so that there are fewer worries when masonry. One disadvantage of such wall alignment is time. That is, each layer of plaster should dry properly, otherwise it is possible that the tile will fall after the first year.

If you decide to insulate the floor in the bathroom, then you should think about this before laying tiles or any other coating. After the screed is made, you must immediately start laying the heating system for the floor. These are a kind of electric wires that heat up with a special ten. If you make a warm floor correctly, then this can serve as the main heating system in the bathroom.

Wall laying with tiles – the task is not simple. Therefore, it is best to entrust this to professionals. Agree, they can do it all at the highest level like no other, and you, as the owner, just control it. Immediately it is worth determining which places will be shelves or different hangers, otherwise after you will have to drill the tile and spoil the view. When laying, the master must prepare holes and all the necessary parts that will then perform the functional part.

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