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How to make a mark on the wall for laying mosaics competently

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A person strives to create as much comfort as possible in his home, regardless of what function this or that room performs, he is given a special flavor. The bathroom is an important component of any house and every inhabitant begins its day with it. Therefore, the more interesting and more fun the bathroom will look, the better the mood for the whole day. A mosaic can be a great solution to the bathroom decoration.

Beautiful and bright tiles of small size, can be either one toned or multi -colored. Mosaic is produced by several types: glass, ceramic, stone and lump.

You can make a mosaic decor in the bathroom yourself. To do this, you need to take a tile laid on the net, so that a whole fragment of the mosaic is immediately laid and also purchase a special adhesive solution, which will hold the mosaic fragments on the wall.

Before starting work, you should leve the surface of the walls or floor and then paint the entire surface in white, which will preserve the main tone of the mosaic.

Mark the surface and then cut the necessary fragments. Previously, if you have chosen a complex pattern, you need to draw it on paper and cut it out, this will help to perfectly compare the tiles on the wall.

Then glue is applied to the surface of the wall or floor and also directly on the fragments of the mosaic with a thickness of not more than 10 mm. The mosaic sheet is applied to the wall and pressed lightly, tapping slightly with a rubber spatula. By putting all the fragments of the mosaic, it is necessary to adjust and fit until the glue solution is completely grasped. The glue will finally dry in two days and you can start removing paper from the front side of the mosaic. It should first soak it with water, so that later, it is easy to remove a foam sponge. Grouting seams The final stage of work. Let the bathroom dry for a month and then the independent tile will deliver joy and satisfaction from the performance of the work performed.

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