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I already once wrote a post on the behavior of motorists in traffic jams and the influence of the character of drivers on the absorption of these very traffic jams. Today this topic is again – Kyiv traffic jams.

According to the Yandex service. Traffic jams Kyiv on the topic of automobile traffic jams received 3.7 points, and Moscow is only 3.4. The assessment system is very difficult, it is multicriterial. And not the fact that in Kyiv there are more traffic jams. But in general they are evaluated as worse.

And the name of the post is what: traffic jams have been known for a long time. They write about them, they are fighting and even fighting. But they are still invincible – extreme measures are needed such as prohibitions of entry into the center or its paid basis.

So I had a question: is it really like that all those entering the city cannot do without a personal car?! Maybe you can ride a concert or behind a new laptop on the subway?

Here it will not work to take the bed from the center on the metro, and it is in this case that the car is necessary as a means. But I am very far from the idea that everyone in Kyiv traffic jams goes strictly on the issue of transportation. The mass of people simply calls into the center on various matters and many could well have drove by bus.

I think the authorities have no choice but to deal with this serious problem. Underground parking, paid entrance to the center, frantic prices for parking lots on the surface in the center, huge fines for moving in public transport stripes, evacuators, the ban on entry with even numbers on even days and vice versa … There are many methods, there is not enough work so far.

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