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Recommendations of specialists for choosing the front door

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During the repair, there is a need to choose many materials and things. But one of the most difficult and at the same time important elections during the repair is the choice of a high -quality entrance door that should not only protect the apartment from thieves and all kinds of ill -wishers, but also look presentable, because it is the person who sees the front door when the person first falls To your home.

Modern doors are the result of a long and time -consuming process, which usually has several stages and requires a high techniquity of the enterprise.

Depending on how beautiful and high -quality door you want, the price will change and the price. True, not everything depends on the price, since sometimes you can choose a pretty good product and at the same time do not put a fortune on it.

When choosing the door, first of all, pay attention to the lock. It is best if several locks are present there at once and preferably of different types, then the apartment will be most difficult to penetrate.

Also try to open and close the door several times. If it goes easily, does not creak and does not force to strain unnecessarily in order to open it, then, most likely, a fairly good fittings are installed in the door, which will last more than one year.

Also pay attention to the thickness of the door itself. It should be at least two millimeters, and it is desirable and much more. The fact is that the thin front door can be broken without effort and thus get into the apartment, even if the castles were the highest quality and most difficult for hacking.

 Another factor to look at is the weight of the door. It should not be less than 70 kilograms, and with the proper thickness of other indicators there is no.

Many modern manufacturers claim that two doors will protect your home more reliably, but here you also need to think well. The fact is that the installation of two doors is a technically complex process, so it is quite possible that one thing is enough, the main thing is to high -quality.

Also pay attention to thermal insulation and sound insulation. This is also very important, since silence and warmth are the main factors that we always look for in our home.

And the last is the installation. Do not trust her of random people, since it is necessary that everything is done well, otherwise the door will not last long and will not provide a sufficient degree of protection.

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