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Positive qualities of tiles how to choose

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Among the many modern materials for flooring, ceramic tiles are also favorably distinguished. Invented this indispensable material long before our era. But then she had a slightly different composition and was very thick. Improving for centuries, the tile has become a very popular facing material in modern construction.

The tile has a ceramic cramm with sufficient density and closed porosity. It can be compared with stone tiles of solid rock according to mechanical properties. If we talk about aesthetic form of ceramic tiles, then it can be painted, it can be a decorative layer or can simply be smooth. But today the textured surface of the tile is also used.

Ceramic tiles will not create a warm floor at your house. Therefore, it is most often used in those countries where an extremely hot climate. In Russia and in countries with a moderate climate type, such tiles began to be used in those rooms where there is a lot of moisture (kitchen, dining room, bathroom, toilet). It is also used in hospitals and laboratories due to the fact that it is a stand for chemicals and does not interact with almost anything.

What else are the positive qualities of tiles? She is easy to leave. It is not difficult to wash and disinfect such a tile. In addition, it is durable, wear -resistant and has quite high decorative functions. It can also be used with heating floors. A pattern or pattern is applied on it. Therefore, ceramic tiles can become an indispensable decor element on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom. And on the floor you can lay ceramic tiles of darker shades. But if the floor is often subjected to heavy mechanical loads, then the tile can be damaged (crumble). In this case, it is better to use material made of natural stones of solid rocks.

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