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What material to choose to create a durable floor in the house

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The choice of high -quality flooring is an important element of interior design of any house. The ideal option for the flooring should be very strong, resistant to wear, but also outwardly attractive. Varieties of flooring are divided into two large groups: natural and artificial. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and finds customers.

Parquet and floor boards belong to the floors of natural origin. Assessing the floor coverings made of wood, their elegant and representative appearance is immediately striking. The wooden floor is capable of giving its owners the comfort of real home heat, moreover, it is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Floor boards are considered more affordable natural material for your home. They will not bring you unnecessary troubles when laying, but it is worth considering that the boards of coniferous trees wear out in 3-5 years, and the floor from the boards of other woods is more expensive. A similar option requires careful care.

Most customers of construction supermarkets consider parquet the most attractive choice of natural flooring. Parquet makes the floor of your home safe and warm, not missing the cold. The existing variety of textures and colors of the parquet will allow you to choose an individual style for any interior. However, when choosing a parquet as a floor covering, count on a slightly larger amount than just buying a parking lot, since to create a parquet floor you will need a whole list of parts. The list of necessary materials will be advised by qualified workers. When cleaning the parquet, it is important to avoid excess moisture in order to maintain an attractive look.

Another group, with an unnatural origin, is represented by a laminate, linoleum and tiles. Laminated parquet in appearance resembles a real, quite strong and not afraid of water. However, it is afraid of scratches and cuts, after which you need to change the coating. The cheapest option today is linoleum. It can be changed independently and it does not require special care, although its structure is soft and very sensitive and is not considered reliable. Tiles as a floor covering are considered persistent and durable material. But has the only drawback in the form of a cold surface – on such a floor you do not go barefoot for most of the year.

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