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What is frosty fusion of what to take into account

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Frost fusion is a process in which the volume of soil increases due to freezing in the winter season. Moisture, which is in the soil during freezing, can increase in volume, for this reason the soil can rise throughout the depth of freezing.

Loamy, sandy and clay soils are most frosty. Sandy, rocky or rocky soils are little subject.  The problem is that clay soil is a poor moisture conductor, but it perfectly accumulates it.

In general, the depth of freezing can be different and depends on many factors. But often it is about one or one and a half meters. Frosty fusion can be uneven in nature due to the heterogeneous composition of the soil or its density. Due to uneven flotting, a skew or destruction of the house may occur. 

The actions of frosty heaving are most susceptible to strip foundations, because starting acts on the lateral parts of the foundation, and the sole is below. With improper or low-quality construction, due to the fusion, the foundation may just get out.

With small burden of the strip foundation, all its elements are subject to frosty fusion.  During construction, you need to create a sand pillow and backfill of the foundation.  It should also be reinforced, which will give the strip foundations of greater strength and will not allow it to collapse due to an uneven state of soil.

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