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Range Rover 2013

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Range Rover Range Rover Revised SUV will go on sale on the market at the beginning of next year. It will be sharply different from the predecessor with a light body, improved fuel economy and better controllability.

According to representatives of the Land Rover, the five -seater Range Rover 2013 will have a completely aluminum body – the first among SUVs.

The aluminum body has become 39 percent easier than the steel building of the previous Range Rover. Land Rover said that a model with a 5.0-liter V8 V8 engine is 320 kg easier than the current model. Range Rover 2013 will improve performance and fuel consumption will decrease, but the company has not provided more detailed information.

The price of the new Range Rover 2013 will be called at the end of this year.

The style has not changed radically, with the exception of smooth front lines. Now they are similar to those on the compact SUV Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. The design of the rear door and the side thresholds were also slightly changed slightly. By the way, thresholds for SUVs can be changed by yourself – by ordering in a specialized company. As a rule, they go wide so that in the case of a side blow, they take all the power, while protecting the doors of the car.

"Range Rover 2013 remains important, the unique nature of the car is a special mixture of luxury, performance and unsurpassed cross -country," Said John Edwards, General Director of the Land Rover brand. "Nevertheless, its new design and revolutionary lightweight design allowed to transform this experience for customers of luxury cars, with great changes in comfort, sophistication and management".

The Range Rover SUV 2013 is equipped with a new quadrangular pneumatic suspension, which improves the entry into turns and steering sensitivity, representatives of Land Rover said.

Land Rover will not publish the characteristics of the car before the end of this year, but they said that the space for the legs of the rear passengers was increased by 13 cm.

Range Rover 2013 also has an adaptive suspension dynamics and a new system called Terran Response 2 Auto, which uses various sensors to determine the road surface and automatically makes adjustments to the anti -operating system, transmission, electronic differential, distribution box and pneumatic suspension.

According to the company, noise insulation has become better thanks to new windshield and side glasses.

The V8 engine is transferred from the existing model, but paired with a new eight -speed automatic zf gearbox.

The fourth generation Range Rover 2013 will be produced in the new aluminum body at the Solihull Land Rover plant in the UK.

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