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What is building sand features

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Sand is the building material, which cannot be dispensed with at any construction site. Fortunately, he is, both in the sea and on land.

Building sand is one of the most important building materials, which is used in the initial stages of construction, in particular when laying the foundation of any building. Here the sand is of great importance, since it reliably protects the foundation from any Earth shifts.

The bottom of the foundation of pits is also strengthened in order to protect the building from various mechanical loads.  In addition, sand is an indispensable raw material for the production of building materials, in particular, cement solutions. Such a huge role of building sand is explained by its unique properties – high water permeability and the ability to evenly distribute the load.

However, it should be noted that not all sand can serve as raw materials for the production of building materials. After all, it all depends on its characteristics such as the size of the sand particles, porosity, impurities of various materials, etc.D. If the composition of the sand includes gypsum, salt, mica, humus and clay, then sand becomes unsuitable for use in construction, as well as for the production of building materials.

It should also be separately mentioned such an important sand parameter as its purity. The cleanest sand is river sand that can be used in construction without any additional work on its preparation. Sea sand has salt, so before using it in construction, sand must be washed. And the mountain and ravine sand has a lot of clay, since it is known that clay reduces the level of strength of various construction solutions, then such sand must be cleaned before use.

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