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Choosing wall paint

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If you are bored with non -woven wallpaper glue on the walls, you can cover them with paint. The variety of varnish materials is so great that you can get confused. To choose the right paint, first determine which room you are going to paint. Naturally, for painting walls, you should choose interior paints, but there are a lot of their species. In the quality composition of the paint, it can be divided into water -based, oil, silicone, enamels, etc. D. Water-dispersion paints dissolve with water, so they quickly dry out and do not smell. The main properties of such colors determine the polymers that are part of them. It can be acrylic resins, latex or PVA. Water -based paints are used for rooms without moisture. Their advantage is that they do not absorb dirt, and all spots are quite easy to remove.

Acrylic paints, also related to water -soluble, are made using acrylic resins. They are excellent tinting, both manual and computer. Therefore, you can achieve any shade. Latex paints, also related to water -soluble, are characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. When applying such paints with a thin layer, you can get a beautiful silky surface. They are often used for painting wallpaper, because a relief pattern is preserved under them. Latex paints are perfectly tinted, both computer and manual, shades obtained at the same time are very diverse.

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