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Table miniature machines and models of cars in a scale of 1 to 24

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Miniature car models, represented on a scale of 1 to 24, are called desktop machines. And indeed, a high -speed track for miniature races can be arranged straight on the desktop and comprehend the profile of the racer as many souls.

There are no restrictions on the place of use: the races are available, both at home, at work and even in a lunch cafe.

However, call them “simple toys” in no case. Do not focus on tiny sizes: they can also be radio -controlled, as well as more affordable massive brothers.

Often, the models are equipped with an easy -made high -quality electric motor, so they move quite quickly. Freely cope with springboard! Suitable for frequent use on the street, although the surface of the road in this case should be quite flat. And all this, despite the length of the chassis of 1.65 cm. and weights about 165 grams.

Drift – auto models

Particularly popular for drift consumptions are models 1 to 24-accurate miniature copies of real racing machines. Possessing such copies, you can arrange similar to real competitions and show the ability of Schumacher. Enthusiasm and pleasure are provided to you!

Such models can be an excellent replacement for any computer game. Especially if your child is seriously fond of virtual races, the radio -controlled machine can easily tear it off from the computer screen. And even more so to worry about the breakdown of a large -scale model there is no reason! All released cars are sufficiently strong constructions that are not afraid of even the most desperate experimenters.

Collectible specimens

Models of Auto M: 1 to 24, produced for collecting, look exciting and interesting. Their acquisition is a unique way to get acquainted with rare cars and the real legends of the Automiye. You can become the owner of your dreams without special financial costs without special financial costs. No wonder a large-scale copy is exactly conveying the shape, color and detail of the original. Thus, there is an opportunity to study the device of the machine, make out each element of the car in the smallest details. Production is open for almost all types of miniature machines: buses, trucks, military, serial, racing, retro models – large -scale models.

Collective models

Another exciting occupation is auto modeling. That’s what most people around the world are engaged in them. And this is not a children’s game at all. Before you see a finished model in your hands, it will be necessary to show zeal and resourcefulness. And in the end, what unforgettable pleasure you experience at the end of the work done, cannot be conveyed in words! Prefabricated car models 1 to 24: these are exact copies of real -existing machines that have rubber moving wheels, opening doors, and even hoods in some copies. Do not hesitate, it will be a wonderful gift for the connoisseur of quality machines.

There are two ways to assemble models: either with glue or screwdrivers. In any case, in each set there is an instruction in which step -by -step parts are presented to each other. The main difference between prefabricated car models among themselves is the number of attached details. The larger their total volume, the more difficult the assembly process will be arranged. That is why, for children or beginners in this matter, you should dwell on the assembly of simpler models. Only having gained experience, you can proceed to complex prefabricated copies.

What are collectors and collections of rare cars.

Collectible toys are also called souvenir, which is not quite accurate definition. The most popular are collectible machines made in precise compliance with the original, only several times less. Some car owners put a reduced copy of their car on the front panel, usually a passenger of the salon or radar detector is masked under this toy.

The desire to have a collection of small cars to boys is characteristic of childhood. Only in childhood it was enough for us to buy a consumer goods in stores, and having matured the collectors buy rare models of small cars, which were produced by cut circulations and for this reason not everyone was preserved. There are such specimens that are made in one single copy to the whole world! These are exactly such models cost a lot of money. They were usually produced in the 50s of the last century.

Collectors people with their quirks, there are those that collect only domestic cars, there are fans of only one model and collect everything that concerns only this particular model.

There are collectors who collect real cars. One collector living in Brunei has already gained 5,000 units! He only has more than 300 Ferrari. Personally, I do not understand such people why he needs so many cars? It would be better to give this money to the needy, who to eat, not always brought to be added.

Our compatriot, Emperor Nicholas II, also did not know where to put money, he also had a large collection of domestic cars, although we could be proud of, but they were not allowed to make normal cars. Our patriots try to show what our manufacturers are capable of. For example, the Lomakov family since 1968 has gathered about 130 units of our cars and motorcycles.

There are people who earn on the trash. They buy old models, usually in a deplorable state, because they are so cheaper and restore them. Then they sell several times more expensive, covering the costs of recovery work and making not poor profit from the sale of a rare car. True, it is considered to be provided that the original details in it are at least 90%. After the special commission determines the originality of the parts and determines the price of a rare car.

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