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How to build a wood chosen choice of material on their own

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The fireplace in the house is the atmosphere of heat and the extraordinary charm of living flame. The best place of rest and family evenings is a room with a fireplace. The types of fireplaces existing today can be divided into three types: wood, electric and gas.

It is more convenient to install an electric or gas fireplace for city apartments. A necessary condition for the operation of gas fireplaces should be the presence of a gas outlet in the form of a pipe or directly to the street. The base of the fireplace is a burner with an automatic control system “feeding” with natural material. The gas fireplace creates an imitation of real fire, as in the burning of birch or oak logs. Electric fireplaces do not require a special installation. All that is needed for his appearance in a house or apartment is to buy and hang in a convenient place on the wall. At the same time, they burn no less brightly than wooden and gas.

The largest efforts and costs will require the construction and installation of wood fireplace. This option is acceptable only for private housing. The main elements of this fireplace is the base (foundation), a body with a firebox, a smoker and a chimney. The foundation can be built of red brick, bottle stone or concrete blocks.

In this case, it must be added to the solution. The fireplace case is built of refractory bricks from the thicknesses of the walls of no half of the width used, the material used. Often the construction of the case is carried out of natural stone, refractory concrete or ceramic blocks. For cladding, fireproof brick is better suited. To build the main part – the fuel and chimney, a project and a cast -iron grate will be required with a grille. The fuel is usually laid out of heat -resistant sham brick.

The appearance of a wood fireplace improves bricks of different colors and masonry, creating drawings. The cladding looks beautiful with multi -colored tiles and valuable rocks. The exterior of the fireplace largely depends on the material that is used for the portal: granite, marble, glass, metal or ceramics. Forged metal grilles not only protect the fireplace, but also serve as its decoration.

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