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The need for cleaning always exists

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The need to purify air exists in all areas of human activity. This is also necessary to prevent the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere generated by factories and factories, and to ensure the comfortable finding of people in the premises, as well as to prevent the internal combustion of dust particles in the engine, which can lead to premature wear of its details. Depending on the conditions in which the engine should be operated – the air filter may have a multi -level degree of cleaning. In cities, with non -dusting, the engine for air purification requires one paper filter, and for tractors working in the fields with severe dusting, a multi -level cleaning is needed that can cope with a large number of polluting particles in the air. Using the filter on cars is very simple: the old one, which has worked out its term, removes the filter element from the case, and the new one is inserted into its place. More complex filtering systems may need to flush individual elements.

The need for air purification exists due to the fact that machine mechanisms have high manufacturing accuracy and the hit between the rubbing surfaces of foreign particles in the form of dust leads these mechanisms to rapid abrasive wear.

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