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How to independently clad a bathroom with a tile

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Bathroom decoration may seem difficult for those who decided to make it with their own hands. In fact, there is nothing particularly complicated in this.

For bathrooms, the most suitable facing material is tile. It has a number of features that are important in the decoration. The tile almost does not absorb moisture, unlike many finishing materials. In addition, it is resistant to the effects of cleaning chemicals, mechanical damage and high temperatures.

For self -facing of the bathroom, it is necessary to purchase a tile in accordance with the area of ​​the finish and a margin for cutting. In addition, you will need glass cutter, drill – ballerina, spatulas and plastic chopic. After complete dismantling the room, preparatory work is performed. The first and most important process is to align the wall with a cement mortar. The surface processed in this way should be even, without dents and rubble. To remove minor defects, a starting putty is used. With the help of a spatula, shallow grooves from the mixture for better adhesion of the tile with the wall are applied.

No less important repair stage – wall marking. To do this, the first row of tiles is laid out around the perimeter of the room using a water level. Its zero mark is fixed in every corner at any height from the floor. In this case, the number of tiles for one vertical and horizontal series is calculated. These calculations help plan the cutting of the tile in less noticeable sections of the walls. Based on the calculations, starting from the corner, with the help of a spatula a nasty is not a large layer of tile glue. Another spatula, with special teeth, glue is distributed by the tile itself.

Then the tile is attached to the wall and slightly crushed. At this stage, it is important to check how smoothly the tile “lies” on the surface and install plastic spacers. If necessary, the tile is formed in the right size using a tile cutter or drill – ballerinas, if you need to make a round slot. Thus, a row behind a row, the whole room is laid out.

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