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How to competently choose the type of foundation for building a house

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An important point in the construction of the house is its foundation. It is the basis of the entire structure, so the foundation should be strong and very reliable.  First of all, during the design of the house, you must adapt it to the natural conditions of this area: climate and geology. The best place for the construction of the foundation of the house is considered the one in which the freezing depth is less than the depth of groundwater.  In this case, the basis of the soil should be sand or sand. 

In the event that frosts reached groundwater, they will lead to bloating, because groundwater will turn into ice. Such deformations quickly lead to skew or even destruction of the building. 

When choosing the type of foundation, the value of the alleged loads is usually taken into account, as well as the bearing capacity of the base and the main technology of the construction of the house.  Depending on what material is used for walls, as well as what the loading ability of the soil, the foundations are divided into strip and stone.  The first version of the foundation is usually used for brick, self -fraud or clay walls, sometimes wooden.  Such foundations are made of laundry stone.

A stone foundation is placed under the walls of wood, due to the fact that such a type of wall does not need constant support around the perimeter of the whole house.  Such a foundation looks in the form of separate pillars.

It is not so difficult to choose the foundation, but you need to weigh everything and do high -quality work, because the whole structure depends on the foundation.

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