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Competitor to Citroen Italians with 1 carrier of fashionable chips

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Question in Crosswordda: a small city baby, a kind of nanotechnology of the Chevronov family. Answer: Citroen C1. Let’s try to solve this crossword on a test drive with a 5-door with a 1st with a gasoline engine and a robotic manual gearbox.

Citroen C1 materialized in the company’s lineup in 2010. But to this day, it is present on the market only with two engines: gasoline in 998 “cubes” of Toyota production and a French diesel engine with a 1 -volume system of 1.4 liters. These motors are aggregated by a mechanical 5-speed checkpoint and again 5-speed (Japanese production) “Robot”.

The tested male was a lightweight configuration, as there was no electric packet and air conditioning in it. Citroen C1 is a true bearer of fashionable “chips” of the modern series of the concern. In its pretty complexion there are huge (almost windshield) headlights of a round -shaped plus bumper, resembling the wrong bite of the lower jaw. This gives some murder in the external perception of this Citrienchik.

The actual panel can be considered the real success of the company’s designers. They developed its shape truly ideal for Citroenchik, because in the front seat you do not feel any hint of your dimensions. The glove compartment is absent, because it easily moved to the trunk. But in its place a fairly roomy open regiment. Safety pillow in C1s is an independent element, which is located on the left side of the torpedo hanging above the shelf. The central part of the panel occupies the control panel of the climate installation, the CD-resort and the mass of different shelves. But you will not find in any Citroen C1 (so far!) the on -board computer monitor. There are three large buttons under the receiver: alarm, heating the mirrors and glass of the rear door and turning on the air conditioner. And the air conditioner is still recommended to order separately. An unusual, but very convenient element – a fan of the fan velocity control.

And most importantly – a driver’s place where you will not find anything superfluous, there is not even a remote control of the radio. The steering wheel is small, its cross section is almost optimal, providing a fairly convenient grip. Such a baby has an electric power, and the steering wheel is adjustable in height and departure.

In such an ultra -compact car and the luggage compartment has very small sizes. But, raising his decorative policeman, you will dumbthly see a full -size spare tire of 155h the noise of the wind and the engine is pressed on the ears, you feel a certain discomfort in the cabin, and you have to work more accurately with the steering wheel. At high speed, moving on C1 is simply tiring for a long time, you spontaneously drop the speed. Overtaking at the same speed simply does not allow to make the power of the motor.

As for the choice of engine, the dilemma between gasoline 1.0 or 1.4 HD will be quite complicated. Both have their pros and cons of. Basin is distinguished by quiet work, but at the same time there is a “voracious” (although too much). It has two types of checkpoints in its arsenal: 5-speed mechanics and “robot”. Diesel stands out by traction on the very bottom, more modest fuel appetite, but… Schumovit, however.

As a city brisk car Citroen C1 can be safely recommended! Easy, comfortable, simple in the management of C1, can really give its owner a lot of pleasure. And the extensive selection of options, colors provides a flight for your imagination to create your unique charismatic option.

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