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Clinker steps firmly reliably effective!

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Where does the perception of the office begin? Why it is worth choosing on the clinker steps? Does the lower price always mean a more profitable purchase?

The phrase “Theater begins with a hanger” for many years has not been leaving our vocabulary. Its meaning is that any business originates even before the stage, which may be visible to all others. However, if you perceive it literally, then many businessmen know that the first impression of customers about the office begins to take shape even before they hang their clothes on the hanger inside the office.

And the first impression is sometimes – these are the steps that lead to the office door. If they are with cracks, faults, old or just look sloppy, then initially the impression of potential partners is not very good. Negotiations, one might say, begin with the minus. What to do? Many businessmen are upset – just a couple of years ago they made a new coating, how so?

And the thing is that if the material is not very wear -resistant, or poorly tolerates temperature differences, then such destruction occurs very quickly. Another thing is the clinker steps. Special processing methods would seem to be ordinary clay to the fact that this material is able to withstand wear for a long time, even if the temperature ranges from -30 to +30 during the season! And at the same time does not lose either mechanical strength or appearance!

Of course, such material is somewhat more expensive. But if you calculate what is his service life, it turns out that in fact it is even cheaper than materials – competitors who bribe an apparent cheapness.

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