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Classification of materials for insulation of a wooden house

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If we are talking about a wooden house, then there is immediately a feeling of home warmth and comfort. And this is the correct perception, since wooden houses have excellent thermal insulation and pleasant natural energy. But the tree, although it is considered one of the warm building material for the construction of houses, still must be additionally insulated in order to maintain the necessary heat. All the cracks and existing gaps should be closed. After all, in the future, minor gaps between the crowns will become much more.

If you decide to take up this matter, now you should decide on the material that is able to well close small farewells.

To carry out these work, there are several good special materials. Hemp, pack, moss – these are the most affordable and common materials. But, you can use the modern material that is made in technical production, this is tape heaters, in its purpose is in no way inferior, moss or pacle.

Of course, if you have chosen a particular material as a heater, then the whole house should only be insulated with them. The insulation is neatly driven around the perimeter of the whole house between each crown. The laying of the insulation begins from below the walls and continuing to the top ends on top of the structure. It will be more correct to harden the walls immediately after the construction of the whole house has ended. 

Moss to this day remains the most common material to eliminate cracks, more often it is chosen based on the availability and price. Since this is a natural material that is collected in swamps or in the forest. Moss has bactericidal properties, also provides excellent ventilation, its structure is able to absorb a large amount of moisture, and conversely give moisture only so much. 

Ribbon insulation – also makes from natural material, this is linen fiber, wool and jute. Its quality will depend on the quality of the main raw material, which was used to create this material.

The jute insulation is one of the best, made from a high -quality spinning plant, which has the properties of thermal insulation and is an environmentally friendly product.

The linen felt is not so much capable of holding heat, it differs from jute even with its hygroscopic properties. And yet, linen has its own distinctive advantages, it is more elastic than jute. Flax strip insulation is easier to use when warming a wooden house.

Another insulation, modern production is used for manufacture, sheep wool is used, it maintains heat. If we compare the characteristics and parameters, then it is this material that exceeds all the above heater in quality. This insulation does not cake even after many years, like the rest of the insulation materials. Sheep products remain in the form as at the time of work. Sheepskin insulation has not only thermal insulation, but also soundproofing qualities. 

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