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What are stained glass paintings features

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Since we live in such a climate that does not have a sufficient amount of bright colors, so such a drawback must be compensated in the interior decoration. The most refined way to add paints to the interior is to place a stained glass. But not everything is as simple as it seems. Now let’s try to figure it out.

The main problem is that stained glass paintings fit far from one interior, since it is necessary that housing correspond to this old style. And most importantly, the interior should not be full of stained glass windows, since they will suppress each other and the conceived effect cannot be possible.

The artistic essence of the stained glass consists in the light effect that it will give space. Multi -colored fragments of paintings under the influence of sunlight will play and shimmer with a large number of shades. This will give all the tenants of this premises an unforgettable sensation.

Stained glass windows can also be used in the design of interior doors. But they are simultaneously the most dangerous place for stained glass, since they can easily get scratches and chips. Also, stained -glass windows can be applied in the design of ceiling, lamps, cabinets, kitchen facades, windows and many other items. Very often stained -glass windows can be used in the form of paintings. They are built in specially designated places that are equipped with lamps installed at different angles.

Another idea of ​​the location of stained glass is window glasses. They are installed on the inside of the window glass packet and so, they help to get rid of an unnecessary look, and also change the panorama outside the window. But here, as elsewhere, there is a nuance. Since colored glass in some way absorbs part of the world, then the room is darkened accordingly. 

At the end, it is necessary to say about the material that is used to perform the stained glass. These are not ordinary glasses, but such on which the color was previously applied with the help of films, varnishes and other coatings.

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