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Legislation and non -abbess cars

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Let’s talk a little about the unrestrained cars. For example, consider the situation in the Russian Federation.

So today it is not so simple to confiscate the unhealthy cars from a bona fide buyer, and the thing is that the corresponding article that allowed the car that was imported into Russia with certain violations of the rules of the intersection of customs, they again recognized the contradictory laws and Constitution of the country.

Previously tireless cars, which were held under the most profitable 242 article of the Customs Code, very often fell into the hands of police officers. Since it was this article that made it possible for the latter for the corresponding reward not to disseminate information about the lost, that is, unrestrained cars. This led to the fact that in some cases, unrestrained cars appeared in the corresponding databases only after as much as five years after the border suppression. During this period of time, the car has already changed more than one owner, which led to the fact that it was impossible to find a swindler who illegally entered the car.

Under the customs legislation, no one wanted to look for the extreme ones, and the last owner, in the event of a detection of an extensively car, was to pay a fine for violation of the law, as well as customs duties and services related to the storage of a detained car, otherwise the parting with the machine was an inevitable fact. Now something similar to justice has triumphed.

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