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Overhaul of the bathroom how to do it on their own

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A modern apartment can easily be represented without a bedroom, a dining room or living room, even they have already learned to shift the kitchen with other rooms, but you can’t survive without a bathroom without a bathroom.

One of the most difficult tasks in major repairs is precisely the repair of this small, but the most necessary room in the apartment.

 This process is complicated, first of all, for technical reasons, because only a person who really knows his job can really hurt the plumbing, while only a person who really knows his job.

And if you see how well the repair is made and the finish is made almost the first time, then you can determine whether the bathroom or the toilet can be well delivered after some time using this technique.

And the worst thing is that due to improperly installed equipment in the bathroom, not only the owner can get problems, but also his neighbors, since it often happens that the neighbors are from below, flooded precisely because of the improper installation of plumbing.

Where to start repairs

If you plan not only the repair of the bathroom, but also any changes in the layout, then first contact the appropriate state instance in order to get all the necessary permits for the work carried out in the apartment.

If you have already received all the necessary documents, then you can safely start repairs. Just remember that all the materials that are finished should be moisture resistant so that even during the leak there is a minimum possibility that your neighbors will be flooded.

Be sure to install waterproofing in a plumbing closet, otherwise you risk it strongly, because this is the most common place.


Remember that there are four zones in the bathroom and for each there are certain requirements. In particular, they must be observed carefully if the case has been affected by an electrician. Remember that all wiring should be high-quality grounded to undergo minimal effects of water due to increased humidity in the bathroom.

Before you make any changes in the electrician, you need to draw up a project and coordinate it with specialists, so that later there are no troubles about the wiring in the bathroom.

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