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Nissan prepares an electric minivan NV200 for global tests

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Nissan took the following step towards its goal to become a world leader in electrical vehicle technology, saying that it began a global test program for a fully electric minivan.

Created on the basis of the universal platform of the NV200 minivan is currently popular in Europe and Japan as a vehicle for firms involved in the delivery of various goods, as well as as a taxi. So, for example, one NV200 model will be leased to the Japanese postal service for two months to check its suitability as a delivery tool.

Nissan did not reveal any details about the test scheme, saying that she plans to release a new car for a test in Europe and Japan in the coming months. Also, there is no information about the transmission and battery technologies in the NV200, but the Nissan representative said that this model was transformed by engineers from the gasoline version of the car. But the main thing is not that. The main thing is how the US market will react to the implementation of the NV200 electric model.

Earlier this year, Nissan entered into an exclusive agreement with the city of New York for delivery 13.200 exclusive vehicles for taxi pages worth $ 1 billion. Most of these cars will be gasoline versions of the NV200 taxi model, however, Nissan representatives hinted that they are working on a fully electrical taxi implementation program based on the NV200 model

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