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“Eternal” interior items

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Interior fashion changes once every 5-10 years. In such terms, when creating a new atmosphere of the house, you can sacrifice some annoying things. But there are objects in the interior that do not cease to be relevant when changing fashion eras and can successfully fit into various interior design styles. Such interior items need to be chosen especially carefully.

Stretch ceiling. Psychologists believe that it is precisely to the ceiling that a person who has first ended up in an unfamiliar room draws attention. Today stretch ceilings have gained wide popularity. Such a ceiling from vinyl or PVC of any color and pattern is made. Stretch ceilings do not burn out for a long time and do not change the color, the service life of such a coating is up to 20 years.

Finishing “under the brick”. Walls, like the ceiling, have a long service life. The most common walls for walls are brick. The brick house will stand at least 150 years. Brick is used not only as building material, but also as a way of interior design. The part of the wall decorated with “under the brick” will become important and will create a certain emotional atmosphere.

Painting on the walls. To create a really unique interior in the house, use the art painting of the walls. This will make the interior design exquisite and give the room sophistication and charm. Wall painting allows you to hide the flaws of surfaces. In this type of finish, high -quality paints are used that are resistant to burnout.

High -quality windows. Subjects with a significant service life include windows. Modern windows made of PVC will last more than 50 years. And modern technologies allow you to make window frames almost any shape and size.

Parquet floors. High -quality paving floats made of maple, ash, oak and beech will serve the owners up to 80 years old. Parquet creates a unique atmosphere in the house and is very resistant to damage.

Oak furniture. Furniture from a whole mass of wood never goes out of fashion. Book shelves, wardrobe, chest of drawers will last more than one generation of the family, and will become a family relic.

Rattan furniture. Furniture woven from tropical vines is not very popular in Russia. Modern designers in an effort to achieve maximum comfort combine rattan with other materials. Having acquired a Roatan chair, you will appreciate this material and will enjoy it for more than one decade.

Forged details. Forged furniture is a truly eternal item of the interior, both in relation to fashion trends and in its wear resistance. Forged details can be not only black, but also of any other colors, and even artificially aged. Forged furniture will help forged furniture and coffee table.

Arts of art. Decorative vases, small sculpture, painting are such interior details that over time not only do not lose their relevance, but also significantly add in price.

If you are one of those who hardly replace the usual things with fashionable new products, use these long -livers when decorating the interior and never part with them.

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