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How to poeten to carry out repairs in the kitchen sequence of actions

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The kitchen is a room that can no doubt call the main one in the apartment. This is the place where the whole family gathers at dinner, after a working day. I always want this room to be cozy and comfortable. The problem of most typical apartments is small dimensions of kitchens. Small space limits the possibilities of transformation, but in the presence of imagination, even from a tiny room, you can make a work of art.

The first stage of repair – design and design, accounting for the area of ​​the room, the location of pipes, hoods and plumbing communications. After that, you can proceed to the release of the premises. This implies a complete disassembly of furniture, dismantling the sink and gas stove, removal of sockets and switches. Then you can start removing old flooring, walls and ceiling, disassemble old communications.

Repair should be started with the installation of a new window. This event is best entrusted to specialists. If necessary, the electrical wiring changes, all communications are displayed, including an extract or ventilation system. Next, prepare the surfaces of the floor, walls and ceiling. To reduce the weight of the floor and as the basis, expanded clay and solution are used. When choosing a coating for the floor of the kitchen, you need to take into account the possibility of water and dirt. For such a room, linoleum, ceramic and tiles can be used as a flooring.

After the installation of the floor, you can proceed to the ceiling, which, like the floor, should have a moisture -resistant coating. This property is possessed by polystyrene tiles, a suspended ceiling from PVC on rails and drywall. Foam polystyrene tiles do not require additional preparation of the basic surface, is easily glued and, if necessary, changes.

The hinged ceiling is quickly mounted, does not require pre -preparation of the surface, but is characterized by a high cost. To prepare walls for wallpaper, you will need to align the surface with dry building mixtures. The tile can be laid out in combination with the leveling of the walls during facing.

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