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How to make a stretch ceiling in the apartment with your own hands

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Today’s construction market offers a grandiose variety of materials and technologies used at each stage of construction. It also applies to the installation of ceilings.

Recently, stretch ceilings have been special, but not everyone clearly understands what it is. The stretch ceiling is a coating for the ceiling, which is hung directly under the ceiling and fixed in a special way beyond the side walls. To install the ceiling, it is necessary: ​​measure the diagonals of the future ceiling, prepare the canvas and its frame, pull the canvas on the frame, make the necessary holes.

In order not to get a low -quality product, you should know how to distinguish forged ceilings. When buying, pay attention to the fact that the size of the canvas and the serial number are indicated on the proprietary packaging. The official dealer is obliged to have relevant certificates for business and products.

Stretch ceilings are two types that depend on the method of installation of the ceiling. You can fix the ceilings with a harpoon (soft plastic) or without its help. The harpoon system is reliable, although it costs more. Blurdous system is cheaper and simpler, but it celebrates the probability of dismantling the ceiling and makes repairs more difficult. In addition, suspended ceilings can be seam and seamless. The former are made of PVC film, and when they are installed, welding of paintings is used, which leaves a noticeable seam. The second are made of fabric impregnated with polyurethane, and after installation does not show traces. Naturally, suture ceilings are cheaper, plus they offer a wider color assortment. On the other hand, seamless ceilings allow you to print an image on them, barely distinguishable in quality from photography.

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