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Do not ride spikes in the summer

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Many motorists, either by virtue of laziness, or for the sake of savings, ignore the need to buy a set of summer tires and continue to ride the old ones from the very winter. In this case, the car owner risks no less than if he does not change summer tires to the winter, to the corresponding off -season, only here the risk of a slightly different kind. First of all, it should be noted that the operation of winter tires in the warm period has not been prohibited by law, in connection with the adoption of those. Customs Union Regulations. True, the changes concern only studded rubber. Winter tires drivers can continue to use at their own risk.

According to widespread opinion, the behavior of the vehicle on winter tires in the summer is slightly different, and the ordinary driver may not even notice him. But independent tests showed that such an opinion is extremely erroneous.

On a wet road or in case of emergency braking, winter tires show worse results than summer rubber. During tests for aquaplaning on the water flooded with water, the summer tires began to float at a speed of 84.1 km \ h. Winter tires passed this test with a low result: the negative effect of aquacuing takes origin already with 69.5 km \ h.

Emergency braking test also showed the full failure of winter tires. When braking from 80 km \ h to 5 km \ h, summer tires spent a distance of 28.9 m. For winter tires, this indicator has reached 43 meters mark. The withdrawal of these tests is obvious: the summer operation of winter rubber is extremely unsafe.

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