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What is modern landscape design

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Many may be interested in the question: what is it, modern landscape design?  What main characteristics distinguish modern landscape design? What fashion trends are currently dominated by?

It so happened that the modern landscape design is very prone to fashion trends, and this cannot be avoided in any way.  In principle, modern landscape design can be called those methods of transformation of the garden that are quite common at the moment among consumers.  Between all garden areas, you can always find the same style or similar features and elements.

For example, Chinese style in landscape design is very popular now.  This type of design involves the construction of a peculiar Chinese garden in a miniature on the site.  All elements should be in its place and match Feng Shui.  The Japanese style, in which simplicity and restraint are expressed, are also quite relevant quite strongly.  Now minimalism has become very much into fashion, because the owners of the sites are trying to avoid expensive and laborious care for their garden.

So the main attributes of modern landscape design are ponds and fountains, as well as benches, arbors, verandas.  This expresses one of the main tasks of landscape design – to create such conditions for people that they can relax, relax, calm their nerves and improve their mood.  Modern landscape design is an assistant to a person in unity with nature.

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