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Troubles when driving by off -road how to be?

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Each driver will sooner or later encounter obstacles with obstacles of different complexity. In the absence of experience, time and time are spent on driving a couple of hundred meters. Situations are different. It can be a snowy skid, a deep puddle, a icy rise and so on. Knowledge of several basic techniques will help you to cope with most such problems.

Many are interested in the cost of training in a driving school, and how much will the rights cost. But what to do with a suddenly stained car, we are racking our heads already at the place of event. So, let’s get down.

If your car is stuck in a deep rut, the first one should pay attention to whether the wheels are installed directly. The fact is that even slightly turned wheels can interfere with the departure of the machine from the deep rut. But sometimes this simple trick is not enough. In this case, you need a shovel. It is necessary in front and back (in the direction of car movement) to dig a gentle exit.

When entering the improper segment of the road, try to estimate in advance how serious obstacle and, accordingly, choose the best movement mode in order to overcome the rut on the move. There are times when it is simply impossible to do it (sand, viscous soil, etc. P.). You can try to lay branches, stones in advance on the rut, in a word everything that comes to hand. If the above methods are ineffective, you will have to resort to the help of the winch or tugboat. By the way, a manual winch allows you to pull out a stuck car weighing up to 1 ton with minimum time. This tool can be safely attributed to the “Must Have” category for the residents of the suburbs, villages, as well as for hunters and fishermen. However, the simplest and at the same time effective device for the release of a stained car is a metal grid (cell size 2×2 cm). The operation process is very simple. You need to simply put it under the wheels. Basic concepts of driving a car give driving courses in Minsk, but experience helps to cope with this kind of troubles.

What if a water barrier has met on the way? We all know the saying “Do not go into the water without knowing the ford”. And yet they climbed? The first thing to remember: move slowly. Inexperienced drivers in such a situation often decide to slip quickly, believing that high speed will protect the passage. If the water in a large volume enters the intake manifold and gets to the cylinders, there will be a hydraulic system (water does not lend itself to compression). As a result – broken connecting rods. Also, at low speeds, the engine may stall. You can try to launch the “engine” by the starter or crank up the crankshaft. And finally, one more thing: if a knock in the block is heard, then the connecting rods were damaged. In this case, you should immediately drown out the motor.

This article considers only a scanty part of what can happen and how to act in unforeseen situations. As practice shows, not only knowledge helps to find a way out of such troubles, but also smartness with ingenuity.

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