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Nissan Moscow dossier

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The sale of Nissan cars is growing faster than consumer demand. Through the sales network in Moscow, a third of the entire automatic vehicle car is sold. Having won the leader’s position in the SUV grade, the car manufacturer intends to achieve heights also in the market of mass cars of the B-class category. From 1992-1993. G., Machines of this brand were implemented in Russia through the company-distroxes and trading houses. Since January 2004, commercial activities in Russia of Nissan have been launched. In Moscow, the auto center of this brand is the Genser dealer center located on Dobrolyubova Street. The salon, founded in 1995, in 2007 underwent reconstruction. After a certain time, Nissan on Lobachevsky Street organized a second show room. May 1996 for Dixie-Trade was the year of opening the doors of Autocenter on Taganka. Since 1998, Nissan has been engaged in the company Avtomir. First, the car dealer put cars in the multibrand complex under the sign of Autoplaney located on the Yaroslavl highway. After 2006, during the reconstruction of the dealership under Monobrandovoy, it was renamed the name of the company similar to the name of the company – “Avtomir”.In 2000, the role of the official Nissan dealer was assumed by Major Auto, which opened Major Nissan Centers Volokolamskoye and Novorizhskoye. In July 2001, Nissan dealers in Moscow officially joined the company “Service+”, which at this time owns car dealerships on Kolomenskaya and Bashilovskaya streets. The dealership of the manufacturer Nissan in 2003 received the Avtopets Center Group of Companies, and in the same year this organization opened an auto center near the Voikovskaya metro station. And in 2006, this salon moved to a new complex located on the Leningradskoye Shosse, in Khimki. Having opened in 2004 the own representative office of the Japanese manufacturer in Russia, Nissan’s dealer network included: Pelican-Auto, Tech Centerkuntsevo, Galf Krylatskoye Auto Technical Center, NATC Group, Avtogrand Autocenter, Autocenter "Gadfly".As of today, fifteen Nissan salons operate in Moscow, they belong to twelve companies. According to the statistics of Avtostat at the beginning of 2012, the Nissan fleet in Moscow was over 184,000 cars. According to Tatyana Natarova, who holds the post of director of public relations in the Nissan Vostok regional unit: her company is quite satisfied with the number of Moscow partners, however, if the market is required, they are able to consider the possibility of opening additional dealerships with existing partners. As it became known, Avtomir’s company was planned in 2013 by the opening of its second Nissan dealership on Shchelkovo Shosse and the extension of Svee of a market share. According to the results of the first half of 2012, 6 companies account for over 70% of the sales of new Nissan models in Moscow. The top three leaders of the company who have 2 brand salons included: 20.63% – Genser11.80% – aa majorauto11.42% – at service +11.41% – Automir8.48% – Autocenter on Taganka8.09% – Auto -Spocenter7.22% – Pelican -Auto5.55% – shopping center Kuntsevo4.32% – Autocenter boss3.84% – NATC Group3.52% – car dealership of autograph3.32% – Galf Krylatskoye. For Nissan Moscow is the largest market for the sale of cars in Russia. To date, about a third of cars from the total number of sales around the country are being sold here here. During June 2012, 13,658 cars of this brand were purchased in Moscow, which is 38% more if you compare this indicator with the data of the same period last year. In addition, the Russian automobile market in June 2012 increased by only 10%. It is expected that over time, the metropolitan share will fall in mind the expansion of the dealership of the regions and the corresponding growth of regional sales.

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