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Metal -plastic windows for a country house how to choose

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Many owners of country houses have long managed to appreciate the convenience and functionality of metal -plastic windows for their sections.

Their advantages before old wooden structures are visible in the palm of your hand. Here is the best sound insulation, and excellent protection against winter frosts, and even an attractive appearance, coupled with excellent technical indicators.

Yes, and any special departure of PVC windows is not required, since the material is not too moody and retains its original form for a long time.

But if you want the windows to serve you as long as possible, then it is necessary that you know some criteria by which high -quality metal -plastic windows for country houses are chosen.

For some reason, not all buyers, going to choose metal-plastic windows, think a lot about the PVC profile itself, sometimes they even know which brand is best chosen, but rarely think about the fact that accessories are also of great importance. Well, sellers, knowing that the buyer will not pay attention to the quality of window fittings, will focus on it much and believe that this is exactly the moment on which you can save even during production.

But this approach is fundamentally wrong, since it is on the quality of the fittings that it depends on how long it will be possible to use the entire window on your site.

That is why, when buying windows, try to make sure that all the fittings are made in accordance with the TTS standard, which allows the window to open not only the backbone, but also in the ventilation mode, but in some cases in the micro -orientation mode, which is also very convenient for severe frosts Or a terrible wind.

Also consider the hardware itself at the time of plastic parts. Try to buy windows in which the moving parts are not made of plastic, since plastic usually breaks the very first.

It is best if the window fittings are made of high -quality steel, because it is then that it will last a really long and will delight its owners with excellent work for more than one year.

Another important point that is already directly related to the functionality of the metal -plastic window is the so -called “anti -scavenger” system. It allows you to keep the window openly open and not slam it even with the strongest wind.

Modern metal -plastic windows are an amazing appearance, durability and excellent functions, and the correctly selected window will last more than one decade.

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