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How to decide on the material for garden decor

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Very often, having built a beautiful house, we also want to ennoble our garden. When the basic elements of landscape design are over, you need to decorate the garden so that it attracts an eye and completed the beautiful view of your home. Garden sculpture is an ideal addition to almost any garden. Thanks to her, the garden instantly transforms, acquires some of its own bright personality. Of course, this will happen only if you correctly select your garden decor. The problem is that in our time all kinds of architectural forms, as well as jewelry for the garden, are so many that they can finally get confused in them.

Most importantly, decide on the material of the garden decor. It also presents a huge variety: marble, artificial stone, concrete, limestone, wood, plastic, glass … Of all these materials, they create figures for the garden! Of course, each of these materials has not only the differences in the appearance, but also its own characteristics of the strength. If you want your garden to live for a long time, and the decoration does not evaporate anywhere, then it will be best to choose a stone. For example, you can give preference to granite or marble so that the sculpture is preserved for a long time in its original form. Concrete or wood products are widely popular due to their low price. The minus of such products – they are not too durable. And this means that your children or grandchildren will again have to worry about the garden in the future. Glass products in your garden will also play a role, creating unimaginable light effects. But remember that they are quite fragile, and therefore they need to be treated very carefully.

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