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How to choose a malaria roller with a pile of medium length

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The ceiling is best performed using a new malaria roller with a medium -length pile. It is better not to use foam rollers, as well as those that produced a primer. A special plastic bath for painting is used to facilitate the work. Excess paint is squeezed into it, and it also helps to evenly distribute the paint throughout the roller.  To even facilitate the cleaning process, the bath is lined with a plastic film. Nowadays, the construction product market offers a large amount of water-dispersion colors. The quality of the paint is evaluated by trial painting a small area of ​​the ceiling. If everything went successfully, then the paint is bred and applied to the prepared ceiling. After that, small flaws will also be visible, which also need to be thrown and polished.

When the ceiling is put in order, you can start working with the walls, for example, stick wallpaper.  To do this, use special glue. When choosing glue, you need to pay attention not only to its adhesive properties, but also to moisture resistance, which will not allow the development of fungi and mold.  In addition, the glue should not remain spots on the wallpaper, and it must be well stirred without the formation of lumps.  Before the start of gluing, the vertical line is beaten off.  It will serve as a guideline when gluing the first canvas.  Current wallpaper only glue from the window or from the door.  In this case, a report is observed.

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