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Ceilings lined with tiles or panels are called binder. Unlike suspended ceilings, fasteners are attached to the base ceiling. Because of this, the bearing ceilings do not take the space. The distance between the two ceilings is completely dependent on the sizes of the supporting elements.

Ficycle -fiber and wood -steering plates, crodinopanne and plastic panels are used as a material for facing the ceiling. Other types of materials are also widely used.

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Polistyle -polystyrene stoves have a long service life, but at the same time they are not very strong, when heated, they begin to melt. This material is inoperative, resistant to moisture, does not accumulate static electricity charges and does not miss heat and sound.

Polystyrene plates have an original design, so they fit perfectly into the interior of the office or office. Such tiles are distinguished by high water resistance. Because of this, they can be faced with bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorative plates contain substances that negatively affect human health. But the surface of the plate is completely covered with a film. When buying decorative plates, see if the sign “E1” is present. He reports that the material meets environmental standards.

Panels in the ceilings are attached using grooves. If decorative angle decoration is required, angular or basement planks are used. They are selected to the color of the plates.

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