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Is it worth making repairs in a purchased apartment or wait

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When buying an apartment, a person usually experiences an acute need to make repairs immediately to make his place of residence quite cozy and comfortable for him.

Moreover, not only apartments that were purchased in the secondary market, but also new buildings are usually subjected to repair, since most often there is no repairs at all and you have to finish the apartment almost from scratch.

Often inexperienced people make huge mistakes, because they simply do not know how to plan repair work so as to calculate the time, effort and financial means. So it turns out a lot of wrong and shortcomings then.

The repair plan can significantly help in taking into account all the necessary little things and nuances, as well as in banal saving funds, since when everything is calculated for trifles, you do not need to buy anything superfluous and pay a working repair team for non -existent work.

In general, the plan is a thing simply necessary. What work needs to be done without fail?

First of all, they usually do work that are the most dirty.  This is the cleaning of the apartment, the dismantling of everything that was before you, as well as the erosion of different surfaces. All this must be done immediately, first of all, so that dirt and garbage do not spoil the new finish, as well as due to simplicity of work in a good clean room.

Next, it is necessary to carry out the screed procedure on the floor. It is necessary for alignment, because almost all the floors in the apartments for some reason curves, and this greatly spoils the appearance of the repair. To dry, however, the screed will be long. But if there is no time, then you can choose an innovative dry screed and save your time significantly.

Then the pipes are mounted, worried about the correct connection to the sewage system, ventilation systems, water supply. If all these works are carried out at the beginning, you can make sure that the pipes will simply not be visible, or will fit perfectly into the overall interior design.

Now plaster. Plaster is needed in order to level the walls and prepare them for further coating. It depends on this stage how well the repair will look. At the same time, the walls and ceiling are poured and pour.

At the end of the repair, they already make a purely decorative part, that is, put tiles, glue wallpaper, paint, if necessary, walls. It is at this moment that all repairs are made perfect.

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